A sounding–a call or a cry–that announces a new form of collectivity, a future assembly of bodies. The project considers foundational dance techniques of lifting, carrying and weight-sharing as manifestations of care and empathy - as forms of feminized labour. The project explored gestures of caressing, holding, cradling and entwining as collective and emergent forms. Conjuring a radical and unapologetic feminine splendour this research delves into a relational and entangled imaginary where landscape, bodies and wearables create complex resistances to dominant modes of seeing and being to make way for new shared embodiments. 

Choreography: Ame Henderson
Created with and performed by: Justine A. Chambers, Angie Cheng, Victoria Cheong, Jaz Fairy J, Kate Nankervis, Bee Pallomina & Ravyn Wngz

Music: Victoria Cheong (aka New Chance) Scenography: Natalie Purschwitz
Costumes: Claudia Fancello
Lighting: Kyla Gardiner
Scent Design: Aleesa Cohene

Creative Producer: Sascha Cole
Production Manager: Daniel Bennett
Stage Manager & Associate Technical Director: A.J. Morra
Sound Designer & Engineer: Lisa Conwa
Artistic Producer: Sarah Rogers

Co-Production: L’Agora de la danse & National Arts Centre

Developed in residency at L’Agora de la danse and supported by the Harbourfront Centre for Performing Arts Technical Residency Program

Support: National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund, Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council

Photo: Svetla Atanasova, Natalie Purschwitz