How does the dance change when the dancer is responsible for creating both movement and song in an always-emerging counterpoint? Noisy resists a predetermined arc, insisting, rather, on a radical negotiation of time, movement and melody in a dance of un-muted bodies.

Choreography: Ame Henderson in collaboration with musicians Matt Smith and Robin Dann

Made with and performed by: Valerie Calam, Alana Elmer, Yuichiro Inoue, Justin de Luna, Pulga Muchochoma, James Phillips and Christianne Ullmark.
Lighting: Simon Rossiter
Costumes: Claudia Fancello
Rehearsal Direction: Rosemary James

Commissioned and Produced by Toronto Dance Theatre and Artistic Director Christopher House

Premiere January 2017 Winchester Street Theatre, Toronto

Photo: Ömer K. Yükseker