Out of Season

Part two of Ame Henderson and Matija Ferlin’s duet series is a temporal and embodied instruction manual for receiving loss.

Within the system of the collaboration between Henderson and Ferlin, every aesthetic decision originates as a gift, which presupposes a context–a story that produces a necessity. Out of Season is a series of such gifts–gestures of material offering. It’s a stream-of-consciousness gift-giving, humorous and emotionally devastating.

Following the comfortable impossibility of The Most Together We’ve Ever Been, the two choreographers turn their attention to each other, scored by music by Victoria Cheong (New Chance). Out of Season discovers synchronicity as a means to survive love, privilege, a sense of home, the made-up- and the tangible body.

Choreography and performance: Ame Henderson and Matija Ferlin

Music: Victoria Cheong
Scenography: Mauricio Ferlin
Artistic Producer: sandra Henderson
Produced by Public Recordings and Matija Ferlin
Co-production: Zagreb Dance Centre and the National Arts Centre
Text; Evan Webber

Support: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council

Premiere September 2015 Istrian National Theatre, Pula, Croatia

Photo: Dejan Štifanić